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Best coffee sides

Just like how finding the right coffee that sits well in your palate is a mammoth task, the sides of your coffee are equally crucial as they elevate the taste of your coffee. For example, in South India, breakfasts are usually finished with a nice hot steaming cup of filter coffee. However, if you are enjoying a mid-day coffee to wash out the blues, your eyes will inevitably drift to pastries and sides which will give you the extra flavour. Here are some delightful pairings for coffee.



This plain puff pastry from France pairs excellently well with a cup of expresso or black coffee as the butter from the pastry helps in slow digestion as you wash down the coffee. There’s no instant sugar rush either, instead, it gives you that long-lasting energy for the rest of the day.



This traditional French-style flaky croissant oozing with chocolate filling is the best coffee side for a mid-morning snack, especially for those looking to pair coffee with Chocolate.


Believe it or not, Dark Chocolate works both in or with your coffee. But the trick comes in the painting, make sure you pair dark chocolate with bitter-sweet coffees like Vietnamese coffee or Indonesian Sumatra or a Vanilla  Latte which give you sweet coffee notes so that you can relish the bitter notes from the dark chocolate.


Banana bread, Pumpkin Bread, Walnut bread, carrot cake, and Organe cake are some of the best pairings for a coffee as they give you alternate flavours which complement very well with a cup of bittersweet coffee. Bread which is packed with protein also keeps you full when you have them with a sip of coffee.


To do or Do-nut? You definitely should! Donuts, be it honey glazed or with any other topping will complement coffee and help bring out the sharp notes in the coffee. 


We all channel our inner Ross Geller energy when it comes to sandwiches but a cheese sandwich with coffee? Yes! A grilled cheese sandwich brings gooey goodness to the plate while a strong cup of coffee does an excellent job at washing down the greasy aftertaste of a cheese sandwich. If you are having a pita, hummus or a meat sandwich, pick coffee with fruity notes. 


Coffee goes amazingly well with flavourful meats like Bacon or even fish like Tuna. Bacon being a go-to breakfast option for many can be paired with strong flavours of coffee. The smoky and salty flavour from the bacon crisps strikes an amazing balance with bittersweet coffee notes. 


For many coffee’s is all a game of dunks. Will the biscuit survive or not is the big question that many start their day with. If you are fan of the simple old pairing of a biscuit with coffee, we’d suggest you try the Pista biscottis or cookies for that additional flavour. 


Peanut butter’s salty and rich creamy texture paired with a cup of coffee will keep you not only energised. Packed protein punches, both peanut butter and coffee will kick your brain cells and have you up on your feet on a lazy afternoon. 

At the end of the day, the pairing comes down to your food palate but one thing to keep in mind is to be aware of the coffee notes. For example, black coffee won’t go well with dark chocolate as both have distinctly bitter flavours that will confuse the palate. To make things easier for you, Yantra packs always come with coffee notes so you can pair a citrusy coffee note with a sweet bread or a brownie. Enjoy!