About Yantra Coffee

Yantra Coffee is specialty organic coffee crafted from the best organic coffee estates that tastes as good as the sunsets from where the beans originate.  Our goal is simple–it is to make organic, specialty and sustainably sourced coffee accessible. Jargon aside, what it simply means is that when the coffee reaches you in fresh-to-brew condition, the smell of coffee will teleport you to our fields rife with sweet white coffee flowers, every sip will deep-dive your senses to the tastes of the green jungle surrounding our coffee fields, and every gulp will pleasant you down to feel butterflies in your stomach. Our coffee and the brand choose to give you coffee that peaks of naturally crafted flavour so that we don’t have to add any artificial ones. We at Yantra coffee believe that the efforts that go into cherry-picking the beans for every roast are worth every sip that makes you go ‘mmmmm…’We work with a wide variety of 85 to 90+ grade coffee handpicked from the best organic estates in the country to preserve the essence of the raw coffee bean so you get to taste the unique quality of each. We are proud of what we have created, one sip and we can guarantee you that the feelings will turn mutual.

 So, minimum fuss and fluff.  Life is simply too short to be drinking mediocre coffee!