Sourcing & Processing

When we say our coffee is sourced from the best organic farms, we mean the absolute best. But what is an organic coffee farm? Organic farming isn’t just about banning chemical fertilizers or pesticides, we also manually handpick the cherries and do not allow any machinery to enter the premises of the farms. This preserves the aura of the farms in which the coffee grows and there is minimum interaction of the cherries with artificial agents that can affect the taste of the coffee. The Cherries are then sorted for removing debris and unripe cherries. Then comes the processing.

The Arabica beans undergo a washing process, while Robusta beans are naturally processed. For a few blends, the coffee beans are then anaerobically fermented. Following this, the most skilled roasters roast, blend, and ground the beans to your preference. We craft some of the best blends due to our access to a large number of organic farms across India.

Remember, the goal is get you the most natural and purest coffee you have ever tasted hence the whole coffee beans or ground coffee are packed in environment-friendly, two layered pouches with a degassing valve. This degassing valve prevents oxidation of the coffee.

At each stage, quality and traceability is assured from farm to cup through grading, curing and cupping done by experienced professionals.